TPP Final Table of Contents



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Hai Le QuangKinh doanhTPP Final Table of Contents Chapters Preamble 1. Initial Provisions and General definitions  l  Chapter Summary 2. National Treatment and Market Access  l  Chapter Summary Annex 2-D: Tariff Commitments Australia General Notes to Tariff Schedule Australia Tariff Elimination Schedule Brunei General Notes to Tariff Schedule Brunei Tariff Elimination Schedule Canada General Notes to Tariff Schedule Canada Tariff Elimination Schedule Canada Appendix A Tariff Rate Quotas Canada Appendix B Japan Canada Motor Vehicle NTM Chile General Notes to Tariff Schedule Chile Tariff Elimination Schedule Japan General Notes to Tariff Schedule Japan Tariff Elimination Schedule Japan Appendix A Tariff Rate Quotas Japan Appendix B 1 Agricultural Safeguard Measures Japan Appendix B 2 Forest Good  Safeguard Measure Japan Appendix C Tariff-Differentials Japan Appendix D Appendix between Japan and the United States on Motor Vehicle Trade Japan Appendix E Appendix between Japan and Canada on Motor Vehicle Trade Malaysia General Notes to Tariff-Schedule Malaysia Tariff Elimination-Schedule Malaysia Appendix A Tariff Rate Quotas Mexico General Notes to Tariff Schedule Mexico Appendix A, B and C Tariff Rate Quotas and Tariff Differentials Mexico Tariff Elimination Schedule New Zealand General Notes to Tariff Schedule New Zealand Tariff Elimination Schedule Peru General Notes to Tariff-Schedule Peru Tariff Elimination Schedule Singapore General Notes to Tariff Schedule Singapore Tariff Elimination Schedule US General Notes to Tariff Schedule US Tariff Elimination-Schedule US Appendix A Tariff Rate Quotas US Appendix B Agricultural Safeguard Measures US Appendix C Tariff Differentials US Appendix D Motor Vehicle Trade US Appendix E Earned Import Allowance Program Viet-Nam General Notes to Tariff Schedule Viet-Nam Tariff Elimination Schedule Viet-Nam Appendix A Tariff Rate Quotas 3. Rules of Origin and Origin Procedures  l  Chapter Summary Annex 3-D: Product Specific Rules Annex 3-D: Appendix 1—Automotive 4. Textiles and Apparel  l  Chapter Summary Annex 4-A: Textiles Product...Các thông tin, phân tích về kế toán, kiểm toán, tài chính và kinh doanh.
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